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– Warranty Policy –

Reefco Services, Inc is an authorized repair facility for Dometic (Marine Air, Cruisair) air conditioning; Aqsep, Sea Recovery, Spectra and Rainman watermakers; Vitrifrigo, Dometic and Isotherm refrigeration, as well as Vitrifrigo and Isotherm ice machines. If you have equipment other than the specified brands, please inquire – we service a variety of systems.

Reefco Services, Inc is your advocate in the warranty process. We are an independent contractor who has an established A/C, refrigeration, and watermaker business and close working relationships with yacht equipment manufacturers.

Manufacturers generally offer a warranty on their parts and equipment. Some offer limited labor allowances for either repair or replacement. Warranty work is undertaken using guidelines supplied by the manufacturer. The equipment owner's manual or the manufacturer's website is generally the best source for warranty information.

Yacht builder warranty issues are usually addressed at the point of sales facility but on occasion Reefco Services, Inc has been requested to contribute its expertise to resolve air conditioning, watermaker and refrigeration issues.

Most warranties contain the phrase "limited warranty". Reefco Services, Inc understands "limited" to mean that time periods are set during which equipment is under warranty, that labor allowances are limited to specific dollar amounts for specific repair procedures, and that parts may be replaced or repaired at the manufacturer’s discretion/option. Should repairs exceed the manufacturer's warranty allowance, it is the responsibility of the customer to make up the balance. The customer needs to clearly understand all the allowances and limitations involved before undertaking a "warranty" repair. Reefco Services, Inc is here to assist – simply inquire.

Reefco Services, Inc warranties its labor on repairs to existing systems as well as complete system installations to be free of defects due to faulty workmanship for 30 days from the date of completion of the repair or installation. Manufacturer's warranties apply to materials used in connection with the repair.

If the customer believes that a piece of equipment falls under warranty, the following must be provided to Reefco Services, Inc before a claim request can be processed/submitted:

With this information, Reefco Services, Inc can approach the equipment maker and present a case for obtaining funding for the repair.

A typical repair would progress as follows: The customer contacts Reefco Services, Inc, describes the problem, and supplies the necessary warranty information. Reefco Services, Inc travels to the vessel to determine whether the problem is a manufacturing defect, a maintenance issue or an installation problem. If the problem is a defect in manufacturing and the required information has been supplied, Reefco Services, Inc will repair the problem per manufacturer guidelines. Please Note: The customer must remit payment to Reefco Services, Inc for any labor/time, materials, etc spent in the diagnoses prior to filing for a warranty claim. Afterward, a warranty claim will then be filed. If the claim is accepted, the manufacturer will pay Reefco Services, Inc their customary allowance, which will be reimbursed to the customer’s original form of payment.

Should the problem be a result of a maintenance issue or an installation problem attributable to someone other than Reefco Services, Inc, the customer will be notified and the owner will have the option of paying Reefco Services, Inc to make the repair. It would be the customer's responsibility to approach the responsible party for reimbursement. If the repair requires more work than is covered by the manufacturer's schedule of allowances, Reefco Services, Inc will approach the manufacturer for a "nonstandard", or special warranty allowance.

Work may have to halt while arrangements are made. If the manufacturer will not cover an overage, it is the customer's responsibility to pay the difference. Reefco Services, Inc makes every attempt at avoiding this circumstance and seeks to provide the vessel owner with options to prevent warranty overages.

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